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Wealth Accutax Inc.

Chartered Accountants

Create your own version of wealth...

Wealth provides numerous holistic services that cater to all the needs of business.

Our services include;

  • bookkeeping

  • preparation of personal, business and corporate tax returns

  • WSIB/EHT/payroll source deduction filing remittances

  • payroll processing

  • training, business plan preparation, incorporation/ name registration

  • year end reconciliations

  • financial statement review

What we need from you

We know record keeping and documentation is hard but to ensure we can maximize your wealth and provide protection we require our clients to maintain proper documentation.

Whether it be receipts, previous tax returns, log of employee hours for payroll, mileage tracking. etc. it is vital for clients to provide documentation to achieve the best financial result.

Throw it all in a Wealth provided financial box and we will handle it for you.

Client Portal
Access important websites
Upload documents
Request documents and financial statements
Request documents we can retrieve through CRA my business account
Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

Wealth Accutax Inc.

Brampton, Ontario Canada L6X4Z1                   (647)688-9888

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